Back in 1998, Bob and Pat Ross, who owned a Clydesdale horse farm in the hamlet of Leroy, approached the Veterans Memorial Parkway Commission about the donation of a part of their 10-acre property as a future memorial.  Eventually two-acres were secured and set aside for the development of a memorial to the Lake County veterans of the Korean War.  This conflict was extremely bloody, but unfortunately overlooked in history since it took place between World War II and the Vietnam War.  Often called “The Forgotten War,” many are unaware of the brutality and loss of life during the short three-year engagement. 

In Lake County alone, 101 brave men lost their lives during the Korean War.  The site underwent a dramatic transformation through the hard work of the FVMP and a number of generous donations – both material and financial.  These efforts paid off with the dedication of the site on November 15, 2003. 

The site consists of a sober black granite memorial stone with the names of those who either died, or are still missing in action from the war.  On the back side of this stone is an extensive history of he war, with a panel set aside in the memory of William G. Windrich, the only Lake County recipient of the Medal of Honor.  Also present are five 18-foot limestone columns symbolizing each of the Armed Forces, and an acre of restored prairie, which recalls the Parkway’s mission to provide a living memorial to those who have served.