A long awaited memorial to our Lake County World War I & II veterans, located in Crown Point, has been given the green light by both the city and county to proceed after having languishing in the planning stages for several years. The memorial is an ambitious project to service the region requiring significant funding. Five acres of land adjacent to the city Sportsplex has been secured, and site approval has been granted by the City of Crown Point.  In 2015 the Lake County Council and Plan Commission stepped up to partially fund the necessary Phase I work, and the Friends of the Veterans Memorial Parkway, INC (FVMP) has cleared their slate to see to it that this countywide project proceeds to completion within the next two years. At this time, The FVMP, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation, is ready to launch a fundraising drive that will help to complete this long overdue tribute to our World War I & II veterans. 

After the successful completion of the Korean War Memorial near Leroy, referred to by the Korean Consulate General as one of the nicest he has seen, the FVMP is now ready to focus their attention on the World War I & II Memorial in Crown Point.

The overall concept of the World War II & I Memorial will be to historically link these two conflicts by employing a walking history lesson that will educate anyone that experiences it toward an understanding of the events that led to the wars and the sacrifices made by our beloved “Greatest Generation” and their forbearers as well. In addition, a small amphitheater dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust will be constructed on the property.

In 2015, the Lake County Commissioners voted to allocate $100,000 towards the design and development of the WW I & II Memorial. About this same time, the FVMP recruited the expertise of MECA Engineering from Merrillville, who has also volunteered their time and talents to date in preparing all detailed site plans for the memorial, which are enclosed herein.

In 2016, the FVMP secured all necessary approvals from the City of Crown Point’s Plan Commission on site engineering and drainage plans. The FVMP expects work to commence on the Phase I infrastructure in the spring of 2019, with a planned completion of the entire site by Veterans Day, 2020 – if the remainder of Phase I & all of Phase II funding can be put in place.  Completion of this final phase is heavily dependent upon assistance from significant private sector donations.

Also in the spring of 2019, the FVMP will issue a call for artists to develop concepts for the World War I & II monuments, and another for the victims of the Holocaust. Please check back here or on our Facebook site at www.facebook.com/VeteranMemorialParkwayCommission for further details on the final memorial design and fundraising campaign.

Feel free to contact us as well at vetparkway95@gmail.com.

Location Map
Approved Phase I Landscape Plan
Approved Engineering